Vital Space: Humanity — Athens, is part of the Vital Space Nature | Humanity project by Danae Stratou and the Vital Space creative platform.
Vital Space Nature | Humanity is a video project that addresses the challenges posed by globalization and its discontents; by the plight of the environment; by the ebb and flow of massive migration movements. A momentous urban expansion is spawning the planet’s largest cities, as wave upon wave of migrants abandon the countryside and the periphery, and while economic wastelands are emptied of people and left in a state of ecological fragility. The project focuses on the contrast between the vast, empty, fragile, and uninhabited spaces, and the overpopulated, highly contested, urban environments.
Vital Space aims to raise public awareness on issues related to the environment and urbanization by the means of wide-reaching artistic interventions. In a time of major confluence of economic and environmental crises, contemporary art, especially when it takes place in public spaces and is designed to reach and address a wide audience, can play a significant role in dissolving the polarization which characterize our current relationship with nature and with one another. Contemporary art can activate a deeper awareness about the most pressing issues of our time and inspire a global audience.