Open calls

At a time of major confluence of economic and environmental crises, Vital Space deploys the artist’s perspective so as to dissolve the polarisation typifying the current dialogue on our relationship with Nature and with one another. Vital Space is dedicated to the initiation of art projects designed to reach and influence a wide and diverse audience. It strives to demonstrate in the most practical manner that art has its finger on the planet’s pulse and can mediate human deliberation on the course of our future.

With this in mind Vital Space organises a series of open call annual competitions in the context of our ‘Raising Awareness’ theme inviting all artists to participate and to contribute to an open and meaningful dialogue. Each competition varies in theme and media so as to utilise a wide variety of creative means in order to include as many artists and practices as possible. Video, photography, text, animation, graffiti, design, performance, sound and other expressive means will become the tools so as to raise awareness as widely as possible on the most pressing issues of our times.