Contact Vital Space for any requests, to share information about relevant events or to submit a proposal. invites submissions from artists, writers, activists and anyone who wishes to add her or his voice, artwork, ideas etc. to our platform. intends to act as a meeting space where images, texts, ideas and concepts interact, coalesce, clash, collaborate and network in order to promote a collective awareness of the complex issues facing Nature and Humanity. All submissions will be assessed in this context.

ART PROJECTS is particularly keen to receive ideas of, proposals for or already completed art projects for inclusion in the site. Not wishing to constrain the initiators, no particular blueprint is envisaged. Art Projects may include any form of visual arts. e.g. installations, web based works, video art, photographic projects, performances, new media, sound works, text based works , multimedia etc.

Videos submitted must be accompanied by a title and a brief abstract describing its raison d’ être.
Video Compression Guidelines: Video Format – MP4, Codecs – H.264 / AAC
Resolution, 640×480 for standard definition 4:3 video, 853×480 for widescreen DV, and 1280×720 or 1920×1080 for high definition.

Photographs submitted must be accompanied by a title and a brief abstract describing its raison d’ être.

Image Guidelines, Format – JPG, 700-900 pixels width, 500-700 pixels height, Resolution 72ppi

TEXTS & RESEARCH  has already established (go to TEXTS) a tradition of composing texts that combine the artistic perspective with political economics and other forms of engagement with the issues central to our platform. In this context, invites text submissions from anyone interested in contributing to these issues. Submissions should be made in Word and should include a title and a 200 word abstract. Initial submissions should be confined to 3000 words.

WORKSHOP PROPOSALS has organised, and plans to continue doing so, workshops that pursue our agenda of enhancing awareness on the issues affecting Nature and Humanity (go to WORKSHOPS). Proposals for new, innovative workshops are invited from artists, activists and academics.

*All submitted works will be protected by a Creative Commons (Non-commercial – Non derivs) licence