V.S. Humanity turns to humanity itself and places in sharp focus the masses that flow into Megacities which cannot, and will not, embrace them. Yet it does all this without hiding the intense beauty of the human condition, even under the most trying of conditions thrown up by the modern urban jungles. The cities included in Vital Space – Humanity are cities such as: Istanbul, Athens, Paris, Cairo, Seoul, Los Angeles, New York, Lagos, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Shanghai and others.

The project is a response to the challenges posed by Globalisation and its discontents; by the plight of the environment; by the ebb and flow of massive migration movements.

The project focuses on the contrast between, on the one hand, vast, empty, fragile, uninhabited spaces and, on the other, overpopulated, highly contested, urban environments.

A momentous urban expansion is spawning the planet’s largest cities, as wave upon wave of migrants abandon the countryside and the periphery. Meanwhile, the surrounding economic wastelands are emptied of people and left in a state of ecological fragility.