SMS (Save My Soul)

SMS (Save My Soul) expresses the fear and awe of modern realities and a wish for a return to things being simply horrifying and unknown as in the distant past. SMS is a plea, a cry. The neighborhoods, the streets, the power of aesthetics, the factory school, security, private exile, the need for flight by any means, the distorted search for the self, everything as medicine, everything as opportunity, eveything amazing, everything nascent.. Harsh but at the same time poetic and atmospheric music. SMS is This Fluid’s fifth album.

Spyros Faros: sequencers, guitar, voice on (04,08,10) and lyrics on (04,10)
Makis Faros: additional/sequencers, synths, percussions, voice on (04),indian/voice on (10)
Housework: guitar, melodica, wistles, vocals and lyrics on (01,02,03,05,06,07,11,12,13)
Olia Farou: Voice on (09,10)
Anna Tirigi: lyrics on 08
Yianna Kafe: cries, sighs, breathings on (08)
Mari Masouridou: Photos,videos and visuals
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