Athens Stories: Quiet People in Chatting Streets

A photographic project by Dorotea Mercuri, Kerameikos, Athens, Greece (2012-13)

Athens Stories is a project born from my view on a city and a society living through a drastic time of change. Street art takes a vital place in the most popular areas of downtown Athens, the historical centre. Here life does not stop. Through colours and messages that sometimes can even be painful, the streets became one with the people who have been subjected to the crisis.

Realising that everything must now be told, and as nobody was heard and no one has listened, the walls are playing a crucial role in the expression of this historic time and its scars that none of us will ever forget.

Here are some photos I feel portray everyday life in Athens. The city we love, The city we see struggle and in pain but is still happy when she wants to forget.