Past Open Call

Vital Space invites all artists to participate in a series of anual open call competitions in the context of our ‘Raising Awareness’ theme. For our first competition we invited short, one-minute video submissions under the broad title: Raising Awareness in 60″. EAST | WEST – NORTH | SOUTH: Imperilled Vital Spaces.

Participants were requested to submit an original sixty-second (one minute) video that reflected the theme’s spirit and helped raise awareness on our common predicament in this time of global crisis. Indeed, submissions from all over the world were encouraged, with the theme acting mostly as a general guide to the idea of a ‘local collapse’ following a global crisis.

Past Competition

Image by Danae Stratou. Video stills from Icesongs squaredVital Space Istanbul and Cityparticles


EAST | WEST – NORTH | SOUTH: Imperiled Vital Spaces

The global crisis that began in 2008 is still unfolding globally, affecting adversely lives and prospects. Social and economic implosion is emblematic of this ‘negative engineering’ process that affects every aspect of humanity’s predicament. The debate on climate change has been hijacked by the ‘imperatives’ of restoring ‘growth’. Governments and Central Banks put all their energy into reflating the finance and real estate bubbles. Migration patterns are shifting, with southern Europeans joining the migratory waves from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Inequality is receiving another boost, with poverty-driven dislocation emerging triumphant. New forms of wealth, especially in developing countries, emerge hand in hand with new forms of poverty. It is in this context that the artist’s eye can help re-discover and protect precious but imperiled vital spaces.


ROUND 1 – Videos go live: Vital Space will start to upload the approved videos on from the 15th of October 2013. The videos will remain on our site for two months.

ROUND 2 – Viewers’ Prize: The general public will then be invited to vote amongst the contenders for the Vital Space 60’’ Video Competition Viewers’ Prize for 2013. The vote will be completed by, and the winner will be announced on, the 2nd of November December 15thDecember 31st, 2013.

ROUND 3 – Panel Prize: On the 2nd of November 2013, a five-member panel of jurists (drawn from Vital Space’s Board of Advisors) will announce the winner of the Vital Space 60’’ Video Competition Panel Prize for 2013, as well as two runners-up. These three videos (including the winner of the Viewers’ Prize) will then be added to the permanent collection of Vital Space’s Art Projects.

ROUND 4 – PRESENTATION: The winners of both prizes in all competitions, and possibly the runners up will be screened and Presented at the 4th ATHENS BIENNALE 2013 – AGORA on November 2nd, 2013.


The idea of one minute, 60’’, videos for the purposes of raising awareness was first introduced to Vital Space by its founder, Danae Stratou, who posted two such videos as part of the ‘inauguration’ of These two videos focused on public awareness regarding Climate Change and Urbanisation equivalently. The material shown is original, taken from Danae Stratou’s archive from shootings in hundreds of strategically chosen areas worldwide.