World Processor

By Ingo Gunther

Short description/concept of the video:

It shows 25 years of depicting the world’s condition in the state of globalization, the planetary condition of rapid and relentless change.

Short bio:

Studies of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at Frankfurt University, graduated 1982 from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Early sculptural works with video led towards more journalistically oriented projects in TV, print, and the art field. Since 1988 globes are used as a medium. In 1989, Günther founded the first independent Eastern European TV station (Channel X) in Leipzig, East Germany. He taught media art in Cologne, Zurich and Tokyo.   He is based in New York City and currently charting the submarine estuary environment among other projects. More information is available at / /

Winner of the Vital Space Board of Advisors Pannel Prize for the video competition Raising Awareness in 60″ (2013)