Untitled (Urban Life)

Tianyuan Bai

Short Description / Concept of the Film:

This is an abstracted record of our state of living in an urban setting nowadays. The business, the chaos, the emptiness and disorientation are common sentiments shared by many people as we immerse ourselves in the whirlpool of city life. Days go by and lives replay themselves, each looking just like any other.

Short bio:

I am Tianyuan. Always moving around places, constantly in transitions, slightly disoriented sometimes and is conscious of it a little too often. I wish to produce artworks that speak to others, that viewers resonate with and find themselves in, that prompt them to rethink and reposition themselves in life even if it’s just in the smallest ways.

Second Winner of the Vital Space Board of Advisors Pannel Prize for the video competition Raising Awareness in 60″ (2013)