Safe | not Safe

Teasman Films

Short Description / Concept of the Film:

Safe | Not  Safe is a 60″ video artwork made for the purposes of partaking in the VS Video Competition “Raising Awareness in One minute”. The basic concept of this video revolves around the principles of money saving, promoted by the World Savings Day, that is held annually on October 31st.

World Savings Banks Institute (WSBI) launches, since 1924, educational campaigns that target mainly children due to the use of varying mascots. Pig Saving Mascot, Sparefroh and the greek Taf-Taf man money-bank for instance promote the idea of “happily saving” money.

However, the very concept of “happily saving” has been recurrently lost due to monetary reforms, national bankruptcies, wars, etc. Nowadays, it is seriously challenged once again, since the global economical crisis has resulted in a constant and developing fear of losing all savings.

In this sense, is it Safe or Not Safe to save?

Short bio:

Teasman Films is an Athens based Art Collective working together since 2006 on motion film productions. The team shares both knowledge and creativity, combining traditional hand skills with the latest technology in order to produce coherent and innovative video art works. Members of Teasman Films are: Dimitris Lazoulos (art director), Petros Nousias (visual artist), Theodoros Theodoridis (realizator).