Last Resort

Teasman Films

Short description/concept of the video:

Urban spaces often transform into sounding boxes made of impulsive needs, irreconcilable desires and conflicting dreams. The moments produced within -compiled either by perfect or bad timing- create actual places where these needs, desires and dreams either match or clash. It suddenly appears that the main difficulty resides not on the quest of vital spaces but on their sharing. And, within this difficulty we dwell, we live, we do what seems as forbidden, construct on nothingness, extract languages from loneliness and at last life from the uninhabited.

Short bio:

Teasman Films is an Athens based Art Collective working together since 2006 on motion film productions. The team shares both knowledge and creativity, combining traditional hand skills with the latest technology in order to produce coherent and innovative video art works. Members of Teasman Films are: Dimitris Lazoulos (art director), Petros Nousias (visual artist) , Theodoros Theodoridis (realizator).