Maria Tsantsanoglou

Maria Tsantsanoglou is the director of the State Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki, Greece). She was awarded her PhD, with thesis on “Russian Futurism, history and reception”, at Moscow Lomonosov University in 1993. Her research field and publications mostly refer to the period of Russian avant-garde. She has specifically dealt with subjects such as composition of arts, visual poetry, the relation of art and politics and intercultural relations. She was member of the State Committee of Ministry of Culture for Costakis Collection reception (1998). She has collaborated with the Ministry of Press and Mass Media as a scientific associate, in subjects related to the cultural furtherance and promotion, at the Greek Embassy in Moscow (1994-1997) and later on as Press Attache (1997 – 2002). She has taught History of Art at Moscow Lomonosov University (1997-2001). Since 2002, Maria Tsantsanoglou works as curator at the State Museum of Contemporary Art and teaches History of Russian Art of 19th and 20th century at the University of Macedonia. She has organized plenty of exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, has published a significant amount of articles as well as has participated in numerous conferences in Greece and abroad.