Inés Muñozcano

Inés Muñozcano is an art historian and curator based in Athens. Her work is wide both in terms of geography and content: from Warsaw to Johannesburg, her curatorial practice focuses on the historical, aesthetic, economic and virtual connections that bring together different countries, peοple and artistic cοmmunities.

In 2012 she founded together with Marta Moriarty the Slowtrack gallery in Madrid that was open to the public for five years. She became the youngest member of Arte Madrid’s steering committee, the Association of 46 Madrid galleries. At the time, they began to curate exhibitions both inside and outside the Slowtrack space and to develop an interest in digital and alternative identities. This led to the fact that in September 2017, the gallery transformed into BusyThinking, an international research and project management office, mainly focused on Contemporary African art. She also works closely with the physical space MartaMoriarty, an art window in the center of Madrid that exhibits pieces linked to the ongoing BusyThinking projects.

In 2017 she worked in depth on the archive of the modernist sculptor Magdalena Wiecek, while living between Warsaw and London. In August 2018 she moved to Αthens, Greece, calling into question how the dead spaces left by economic crisis can be reactivated in cities across Southern Europe. This exposure has been a challenge and a thrill, suggesting an entirely new territory of cross-pollinated artwork.

Her projects include Eros and Thanatos Real Estate (Athens, 2020, with the support of Outset, Onassis AiR, AC/E, the Spanish Embassy and the Cervantes Institute), the exhibition Fuentes by Mateo Revillo (Galería Xavier Fiol, 2019), Viral Identities (La Casa Encendida 2019), DiEM Voices (Fundraising auction for Democracy in Europe Movement, 2019), It’s time to open the black boxes! by Danae Stratou (Museo del Convento de Santo Domingo, 2018), Energía Psiquica at Coimbra’s Biennale, among others.