An art historical/critical text by Susan Handler, art critic/socially-engaged artist

In the photographic series The State of Greece: Ενοικιάζεται – Πωλείται: For Rent - For Sale, interdisciplinary and socially-engaged artist, Triada Samaras, captured the dramatic social impact of the economic crisis visible on the streets of Athens, Greece the summer of 2012.  Utilizing the language of visual symbolism and the written word, the viewer can read in her photographs the toxic plague that is thriving and destroying the country. 

Framing the self-portrait photograph of the artist, Samaras, in Ενοικιάζεται – Πωλείται #2, in the photograph is the column layered with advertisements, the crumbling cement, and the corrugated patterned material.  These components clearly denote that the viewer is in an area where trade cannot prosper. The streets of Illisia, Athens are reflected in the large exterior mirrored glass, while the word ENOIKIAZETAI  is plastered repeatedly on the glass.

A hexagram is drawn directly on a window on the faded gold colored building.  The blinds are closed.  This is a complicated symbol that represents the dynamics between fire and water, as well as the sexual balance required to maintain life in the universe.  The closed blind is interesting due to another symbolic translation of the Hexagram as as the sun shedding its rays on earth. On this Athenian street, in this building, the sun cannot reach the interior of the home.  

Reiterating the dis-intregration of the home, the artist infuses herself in an upward triangular manner out the foundation frame of the photograph.   From a pagan perspective the triangular Goddess represents the three personas known as the Virgin, the Mother, and the Crone.  The upward triangle of the Hexagram represents half of the intimate embrace of male and female energy.  Both are required for a healthy balanced community, however only the female triangle is portrayed standing alone, in the shade.  The Sunlight represents her clothing, however she stands in the shade, and without her clothing this woman stands bare to the changing forces of harmful energies that plague her country of heritage. 

c.  Susan Handler


Text B) WHAT IS HAPPENING IN GREECE TODAY?  Text by Yiannis Zaglaris, Writer/Commentator


Liberty Leading the People, Eugene Delacroix, 1830 (Link)

WHAT IS HAPPENING IN GREECE TODAY? What is happening in Greece today is not something different from what has happened many times in the past not only in Greece, but also in many other countries. People are fighting for more freedom against governmental measures imposing more slavery. Since the barbarians who rule the world have established an inhuman equivalent between freedom and money, people fighting for more freedom means fighting for more money. From time to time various governments from all over the world have shown directly an inhuman face to the people they rule over. They have minimized payments -except those provided for their own pockets- increasing at the same time all kind of taxes strangling the market. With this attitude they achieve two aims: 1) They spread terror to the folk, so that no one dares to raise the standard of revolt against their injustice and 2) They prove that there is only one rule in the market. Money. No other rules are accepted. Some time thereafter governments, return to the previous situation showing a more human face. They grant several financial facilities, subsidies, loans, etc. and they hold elections. The folk feel flattered. They may vote for the party of their own preference. So life continues to go on. Will it continue to go on towards the same direction without reversal, without DEUS EX MACHINA to be revealed after what is happening in Greece today? From What is Happening in Greece Today?

c. Ioannis Zaglaris, Athens 2011. (Trans. From Greek by Triada Samaras)